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We are so busy here at teaandcake we don't have time to handcraft mugs for you, then fiddle around with brown paper packaging, string, licking stamps and sorting out order forms. Sorry about this. However, rather than keeping our mischevious mottos all to ourselves, we have created a small (but perfectly formed) range of goodies in conjunction with cafépress.

Take a look at our cafépress shop to see what we've been designing. Cafépress will print, package and dispatch all orders, taking the worry away from us and enabling you to still get your hands on an extra large, classic teaandcake mug. Everyone's a winner.

mugs: teaandcake shop

classic tea and cake mug
› approx 9.77 (GBP)

everyday tea and cake mug. › approx 9.07 (GBP)

tea and cake travel mug
› approx 13.97 (GBP)

badges and magnets : teaandcake shop

tea and cake magnet
› approx 2.44 (GBP)

tea and cake mini badge
› approx 1.39 (GBP)

tea and cake 2.25" button/badge
› approx 2.44 (GBP)

flasks, mugs, and tea : make mine a builders shop

Make mine a builders tea
› approx 17.09 for 6 packs (GBP)

Make mine a builders carabiner mug
› approx 6.99 (GBP)

Make mine a builders 1 litre flask
› approx 12.99 (GBP)


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