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History thinks that the teapot was invented in sixteenth century China. Or possibly in Europe, inspired by coffee pots.

I think that everyone can safely agree that teapots are alternately functional, amusing, decorative, and downright silly. Do you have a large functional pot? A neat and nifty one-cuppa? Or is the Charles and Di's wedding commemorative special the only way to brew?

Share with us the beauty of your favourite teapot by emailing an image of it to us here at tea@teaandcake.co.uk and your reasons why you think it's the best teapot in town.

Take me to the teapots! http://www.teapottery.co.uk

If you see this symbol on a teapot image it means the image has a title - simply roll you mouse over the image to see the title of that teapot.

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