There is a wealth of recipes and baking sites out there on the internet. Here are a few of our favourites...
This is an American site. This site started way back in the mists of time as a cookie recipe specialists (Sam recalls making their cookies way back in 1998). They still list an impressive 300+ chocolate chip cookie recipes, along with cupcakes, ice creams, compotes and savoury recipes.

You'll need to convert the American measures and weights. You might come across the occasional odd ingredient you will need to run though google and then find a UK equivalent for, but that's all part of the fun...
Search by your favourite flavour, seasonal ingredient, or just stick to recipes from your favourite celebrity chef. The Beeb - you gotta love 'em.
If you want to know what an Isle of Man donut is, or how to bake a clogged artery, this is the place to go. This site also tells you about seasonal ingredients, and where to go for your local food market.

Bare Ingredients. OK, we've listed this mainly because of the name. But they also happen to have a rather nifty recipe for making a gingerbread house. And they also have a recipe for Bush Tomato Damper. If you work out what this is, please let us know.

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