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We don't just have recipes here. We've also got real photos of finished cakes, along with baking tips and a review function (at the bottom of this page). So if a recipe is brilliant - or awful - share your wisdom.

Here are a few easy recipes to get you baking!

> Banana Cake - healthy version (no added sugar)
> Brack / Easy Tea Loaf (no added fat)
> Rich Fruit Cake (no added flour or sugar)
> Easy Italian Bread
> Claire's Cookies
> Chocolate fruit, nut and seed bites (easy)
> Chocolate Pecan Tart
> The Best Chocolate Fudge Cake Recipe Ever
> Low-Carb Chocolate Cake
> Low Carb Almond and Brandy Gateau
> Iced Fingers - Prize-Winning
> Marillenkuchen (apricot cake)
> Nana's Easy Sponge Cake
> Lemon Madera Cake
> Shortbread

Recipes from Mike's Baking Alphabet

A is for:
> potato, cheese and apple layer bake (or gratin, if you prefer)
> three-cheese asparagus tart
B is for:
> the day-to-day brownie
> the something special brownie
C is for:
> classic sponge cake (inc: how to change it to make chocolate cake, Lemon cake, cup cakes...)
> generic cookie recipe

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