built on

What motivated us to make this site? Tea, cake, and companionship! As a toe dipped into our tastes, here is a peep into what this site is quite literally built on. This is our rough and ready reckoning of what we ate and drank whilst coding away and constructing these very pages

White Tea with Pomegranate Cherry Madeira Cake 
White Tea with Peppermint Tiramisu
Indian Chai Trifle
Decaffinated Black Tea Victoria Sponge Cake
White Tea with Vanilla Coconut Cake
Reddbush Tea Sticky Chocolate Pudding
Nettle Tea Chocolate Sponge
Fennel Tea Christmas Cake
Elderflower Tea Damp Iced Lemon Madeira
Green Tea Black Forest Cherry Roll
Assam Jaffa Cakes
Moroccan Mint Iced Rings
Orange Spice Tea Mini Chocolate Cake
White Tea Chocolate Muffins
Peppermint Tea Chocolate Brownies
Redbush with Vanilla Iced Carrot Cakes
English Breakfast Strawberry Cheesecake
Darjeeling Lemon Drizzle cake
Green & Black Tea Blend Apple Crumble
Lapsang Souchong Shortbread
Dutch Herbal Tea Dutch apple cake
Ceylon with Orange Peoke Orange and Carrot Cake
Hot Chocolate (sssshhh!!) Chocolate Sponge
Jasmine Tea Cherry Pie
Blackcurrant Tea Iced Sponge Cake
Green Chai Chocolate Mousse Slice
Liquorice Tea Chocolate Syrup Sponge with Custard
Rose Hip Tea Rhubarb Crumble
Loose Leaf Berry Tea Spiced Honey Cake
Green Tea with Blueberry & Citrus Jamaican Ginger Cake (Buttered)
Lavender and Honeybush Tea Chocolate Fudge Cake
Make Mine A Builders Tea Candied Chestnut Shortbread
Decaf Tea Chocolate & Cherry Cake
Home-made Chai  Flapjack with Stem Ginger


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