how did you come to be, beautiful teaandcake?

Janine took a trip around the world. The thing that joined together all the places she saw and all of the things she did with all of the people she met was that she stopped everywhere for tea and cake. When she got home she bought the domain name to have as a photo gallery of her favourite pictures of her journey.

But she never got round to it.

A few years later, Janine met Sam whilst they were both drawing naked men (life drawing classes). They were both thinking of teapots. On one fateful bus journey home, Janine told Sam about the domain name, and thoughts for a tea and cake website. Sam was inspired and enthused and was rhapsodic about what could be done with the delightful domain name. Drawn together by tea, cake, and a mutual love of looking at naked men, Sam and Janine together created

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