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We are aware that there are other sites on the internet that may be of interest to teaancake lovers. Here's some links for you to browse around - but make sure you come back here by tea time, else you'll be missed.

a nice cup of tea and a sit down


We have this site bookmarked, and so should you. Nice and Wifey are a winning team, presenting the latest news and stories, and they have an unparalleled collection of biscuit reviews. We are sure that if we met, we would get along famously.


Ever come across a new variety of KitKat that no one else has heard of - and then wondered if it was a dream? Snackspot is here to catalogue and document occurrences of new phenomenon, and review them for your peace of mind and edification.

pimp that snack

You know that telly programme with cars, which a team of experts then make bigger and better? Pimp That Snack does this with biscuits. People make giant versions of things and then send them into the site. We like the Rubix Cube Cake.

sweet sugar sixpence

If you like cup cakes you'll love this website and the blog is worth a read too... http://www.sweetsugarsixpence.co.uk

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