which cake are you?

Psychometric Test

Are you a staunch solid and dependable fruit cake or a delectably airy and traditional Vicky sponge?

Only one way to find out...

1. You're sister's just been dumped. She's a student, and she's broke and she's in another city. Do you...
a) Go into marks and sparks, stock up on some tasty treats and decadant delights, and depart upon a train to see her, instantly.
b) Hit the town and write the ex's number in every toilet you can find. It'll make her laugh and serve him right for causing your flesh and blood grief.
c) Call her and check she's okay. Talk to her and let her know that you've always really thought she was too good for him, anyway.
d) Speak to her and invite her over to see you next weekend. Meet her in the station and take her to the zoo, have a good laugh together.

2. You ordered a bundle of things online for Christmas gifts, but the website appears to have made a mistake, and have emailed you to say they won't be able to deliver until January. Do you...
a) Find a number for customer support and call them straight away. If they said they could deliver by Christmas, they should keep that promise! It's amazing what a stern talking-to can achieve.
b) Ring them and cancel the order, giving them what-for. If you can't buy replacements for the fire ant lollipops, Wittgenstein's philosophies and day-glo flip flops you had on order in the two days left 'till Christmas, you're not the demon shopper you think you are.
c) Sigh and shake your head. You half-wondered if this would happen. You'll just have to open the draw of birthday presents you'd bought early for the next quarter and see what can be redistributed. Luckily Boots is open late, and there's always B&Q, they do some very nice lamps.
d) Call and see if there is any flexibility in the order - maybe they could post a few items now, as they might have some of the items in stock, just not the full order. Then carefully write a list and look at the items - perhaps some people you're not seeing before Christmas anyway, and others will understand the gift being a little late - that signed first edition of your girlfriend's favourite novel took some tracking down...

3. You try to bounce out of bed for another day at work, but it doesn't quite work... you appear to have a nasty case of the sniffles. Do you...
a) Bring out the Benalyn. Today is a busy day, and there is no way anyone else can handle things. You dose yourself up and carry on regardless. You may sound like Patty and Selma, but that's not going to stop you.
b) Ring work and tell your line manager all of your symptoms, apologising profusely for your weakness. Then make yourself a hot toddy and watch some daytime telly. There's no point in spreading the germs, now, is there?
c) Check your temperature. Stay off work if it's high or low, go in otherwise and see if you feel worse. You know you shouldn't stay off work for a cold, but equally you shouldn't go in if you're going to have a fainting fit. It's really just a question of how ill you are...
d) You saw this coming - you've been tired for a few days, and didn't make it to the pub to see your mates last night due to a headache. If you're too ill to have fun, you're too ill to work - so you call in sick.

4. Your friend has just been involved in a car accident. She's okay, and she's finished with all the legal stuff. She's headed to your house. When she arrives, you offer her...
a) A good, strong cup, with a swig of something 'special' in it.
b) A barrage of abuse, directed at the other driver, and a hug.
c) Strong tea with lots of sugar. That's for shock, right?
d) Whatever you are doing for yourself. A shared cup is best.

5. One of your beloved pet goldfish has died. You...
a) Call a friend around, find your best shoebox and hold a solemn burial
b) Cry. Swear that you will meet again in the afterlife. Hold a drinking session in its honour.
c) Try to find someone else to dispose of the corpse
d) Feel sad, and flush it.

Mostly a's: you're a Chocolate Fudge Cake!
Rich, heavy and emotionally loaded. Most people adore you, even if you occasionally make them sick. You live life to the full, expressing yourself and leaving no one in doubt about who you are or what you stand for. People may prefer you in small doses, as many may not have the metabolism needed to keep pace with you.

Mostly b's: you're a slice of Batenburg!

You are wacky, wild and off the wall. Some people do not see beyond the nutty exterior and lurid pink colouration but underneath that you are fruity and saucy, and underneath that... you're just a chequered and confused big, sweet softie, aren't you?

Mostly c's: you're a sugar-topped Victoria Sponge

Let's be honest - you're a bit traditional, aren't you? We bet that most of your pants are made of serviceable white cotton, as are your socks. The rest of your underwear drawer - the bit reserved for - how shall we say it - special occasions - is of the finest quality You are a classic. Few people rave about you, but you don't age, are always reasonably popular and well received.

Mostly d's: you're a hearty and dependable Fruitcake
You are rock solid when you are sure of something, and immovable. People see you as reliable and solid... but look a little closer, and there are some very nutty bits, a good deal of zany zest and whole lot of character. You may take a little getting used to before people appreciate your true depth - you have plenty of flavour, and are well worth keeping around.

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